Reviews for "Ninjaman!"


I used to play this on miniclip.com i belive~!


This game is just plain shit. It's an action platformer, so let's break it down into ts action and its platforming sections.

The level design was extremely poor. The sort of thing that anyone can churn out in five minutes over a cup of coffee. There was no variety to it, it was linear and overall just boring. The actual platforming gameplay was shit, since the wall-jumping was badly executed and there really wasn't much else of interest to it. Controls were so-so.

I didn't really get to see any of the game's supposed "wide" range of attacks, because I didn't bother to get past the first level. And yes that is a legitimate excuse, if player's have to play through the shit to get to the gold, that is not good game design. It's not the player's "fault", it's yours. So anyway, the combat was therefore boring as hell. I just jumped over everybody because they took so bloody long to kill.

Boring, boring, and poor game design. Your attempts at dynamic music failed. The animation was terrible and the art style was utterly bland. There's no story and nothing to make me interested in the game. It is a terrible, terrible flash game.


That's a great game! The battle is great, but the sounds not perfects.


wide range of attacks,freedom,enemies,checkpoints that rnt seperated too far ,what can i say...


its...a lil short of being kick ass...my biggest problem is the music, its really good but u could if done more