Reviews for "Ninjaman!"


I've played this on a different website about 5 years ago.
same game different name.

I like ninjas!

It was funny how you went with the idea of the blue ninja; many are quite visible. Anyway, this was a really fun game to play because it was easy to understand. All of the little things you did on the way made it so much funner. It was just fun to fight as many enemies as you get and see them die with that weird green blood. I also like the music, especially how it starts off slow but gets faster as the enemies come. It's a pity you haven't submitted stuff in a long time, as this could be worked on in a sequel.

good game

It remindes me of kirby when he tuns into a n***a kick ass game


its too easy you can jump through all the bad guys without even a scratch but the moves are cool and most of all where's the boss?? lol

Gaiacarra sucks

Gaiacarra is just a bullshit person that likes to criticize peoples shit.
I thought it was a fantastic game.