Reviews for "We Are Robots - Gothbot"

I love the whole "we are robots" series

This is no exception, it picks on a stereotype (goths) and it executes the making fun of quite well. The graphics are well done and the voice actors are good. ...WATCH THE CARTOON ALREADY!!!


that's pretty much it. i was laughing the whole way through.

and for the previous reviewer... it's GOTHS that perpetuate goth stereotypes.


Omg this is Great... I must of watched it like five times. I love the poem at the begining, LOL! That was Great. I looked at your profile and saw the other "We are robots" Submissions, I liked them alot too, but not as much as this one. I really hope you continue to make them, Because I'd love to see more!

soooooooo funny!!!!!!

that was hilarious!
im still laughing
'what's in the box' omg so great!!!

Thank you.

It hasn't been a great portal day for me. It's been overrun by little kids who shouldn't have flash. So when I looked to the right and saw We Are Robots under weekly top 20, I was rather pleased. You guys never fail to amuse.