Reviews for "We Are Robots - Gothbot"


I'm a agoth and a I see every angle of the humor in that. Hilarious.


i do not get it why insult goth nerds for a change
make sense dosen't it ???

Oh yes

Goth people are fucking weird. But I'd pick them over emo people any day


Yeah, this was all-around good. I don't really get why people are commenting on stereotypes when it's rather lightheartedly humored (besides, it's nothing compared to Neurotically Yours' "Once You Go Black"), but this was a cool vid altogether.

It was cute lol.

It was funny too. Lol I really liked this. It reminds me of a group of my friends. Lol. The whole drunk part... "Wanna make out?" "No..." "I know me either..." "I wanna make out" "Ehhhh" :)