Reviews for "We Are Robots - Gothbot"


my friend is a goth, and that is pretty much her.

i sent this to her and she said "thats soooo steriotypical"

nice job!!!!!!!!!111111111111!!111

I thought the flash was funny...

but god damn, wat everyone fucking thinks on goths. theres so many reviews like "GOTHS SUCK" or like "GRR GOTHS EAT BABIES!!!!" and shit. Get a fucking life. and yeah, not all "goths" are satan worshipping, self mutilating, constantly depressive anti-social freak shows. Not every fucking "goth" is all teh same. Its a generalized sterotype, and all you fucking haters are jus perepetuating this sterotype and making fucking assholes out of yerself by proving that you base judgement on shallow terms such as appearance and wat others think. And believe it or not, some people actualyl DO have serious issues and this is how they handle it. Jus cause you dun handle issues the same way, dun go on a fucking flaming spree and shit. Theres gonna people you hate, thers gonan be people to argue yer reasons and shit, jus fuckign get over it and quit forcing yer ideas onto others and spreadign shit rumors.

anywho, i like the flash, i got several good laughs out of it...


First off I'm not gothic. This was a good movie but you could have made it funnier and maybe you should just have made the goth-bot a real gothic person because she didn't act anything like a robot only a goth. I understood alot of it and I personally don't enjoy it. There was only a few funny parts and those few parts saved your movie. Good work though.

that sounds about right.

was nice man, you hit the nail on the head, couldnt have said or done better my self. 5 for you.

Oh snap!

That was friggin funny. I thought it was gonna be all stupid and appeal only to goth/punk/emo posers(which it probly does a lil) but the jokes were suprisingly clever and funny as hell.