Reviews for "We Are Robots - Gothbot"

huhuh tell er dude

I thought the way the Gothbot portrayde the stariotypical goth was rather funny. As a goth myself I have been associated with the steriotypes and usually display my views of them or simply laugh. Dough I find it annoying when someone believes or follow the steriotype when they know little to nothing of what is really goth or eny other lifestyle....
......also, thats the wrong incantation. jk jk


Oh well, it did make me laugh,the graphics and voice acting were good, but this is so freakin' stereotypical!

No, a dead cat

This is where the robots interacting with each other seems to really meet full circle. I loved this cartoon because it was a great representation of the stereotypical goth. Kegomatic's cameo make it for me, but she should have met Sadbot. I find it funny how Gothbot complains about her sister always getting more attention, but later she says she annoyed at her mother giving her affection. You really get the sense that she has only herself to blame for her woes. The voices and animation were great and appropriate as usual.


I don't know what to say it's really awesome and the final scene it's hilarious I just didn't like the voice of the goth-bot

Love it <3

One of the best games on here ! =)