Reviews for "We Are Robots - Gothbot"

Fitting the stero-type.

I really like this series, but Gothbot and Geekbot are my favorites. Anyway, the music is really good too. I noticed you haven't made any more of these, you should. =/ The humor was VERY fitting to the setting, and I can relate defienatly. (yeah, I can't spell.) Good job!

This is a gold movie

This movies is really great.
me and my friends are still laughing.
you should make more


That just totally explains what it's like to be a teenager.


that was so funny.....still laughing......that robot was a bitch....but she was still funny lol make some more or die*waves sword at u*

Weird, I like it, yet I want to kill you.

This was funny, the animation wa smooth and I liekd the interview-like style. At teh same time, it was a bit stereotypical, but some Goths are like that. Just for the record, because usually people bug me about this, I guess you could say I'm Goth or Emo. Nice work on this.