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Reviews for "Captains Curse"

Nice music, and a nice story

You did good with the music and even though there was no flash movie to go with your story, I was totally into it!
Nice job!

Kaggen responds:

Thanks :D


This is fantastic, as was the story. Someone needs to animate a video to this NOW. Great work. Keep it up!

Kaggen responds:

Thanks man :> Would do it myself I i was capable of it ^^ But working on that part now, would love to be able to visualize the visions I get in my head when I listen to my own or others music.


After reading a story filled with imagination and ambition while listening to an amazing tune im wondering..... DID YOU SMOKE MY WEED? It better be there when i come home! :D

Kaggen responds:

*Choke* ehhrgh.. No... I swear I thought that that stuff was spice used in cooking and I like my food spicy ^^


Great story! It actually was cinematic, but on a Cartoon Network movie level. Ha ha. I think this should be created into a flash to get the best out of it, but this is still good. The music itself was fun, sometimes a little repetitive, but there was still so much more variation than your past attempts. Really, this is a major improvement over the last song I reviewed. I really like this a lot! You obviously worked on melodies, and even the drums were great. I can't complain too much about the song this time, except that it still isn't memorable. So, keep working at it, because you're getting better! Excellent job!

Your friend,
Ka'eo C.

Kaggen responds:

Thanks again :)

A really cool 8bit song

I like this song a lot. I've always sort of liked this 8bit feeling, as well as the sound it's instruments make.
Another thing that's really cool with 8bit is that usually, authors who do that style create certain melodies with it that give the genre a cooler and more complete feeling. Example: take the 10 first seconds of your song, and compare it with the rest. The first 10 seconds are blank, they have absolutely no feeling or sentimental value, but the rest does. In the rest you can feel an expression, a story told by someone that you can't make out but can understand. I especially liked a few parts from this song, like the one at 0:10, and the one at 1:06. The rest was good, but not my favorites.
What I would recommend is to make one of those melodies the main one, to keep the others, but to make the main one come back a few times. But if you like your songs this way, then keep 'em like that.
We see huge, deserted, dark and rocky landscapes. They're so vast it's inconceivable to see the end of them. All is grey.
(0:10) But out of nowhere, a little knight has showed up, walking through the grey, through the rocky landscapes. He has been sent by some unknown king to go and get some ancient treasure through out dead lands. This knight is small, very small, but has a big head and big hands, and looks like a chibi knight. Just by the look of his physical appearance, everybody laughed at the idea that he was sent to get the treasure (but ironically, a lot of them are as small as him). But he's a little guy capable of big acheivements. So he still went and crossed many lands and many dangers, passed by many challenges. (1:06) He's also defeated many creatures, including chibi swamp things, chibi squeletons, and chibi golems. He's a knight full of courage, he's capable of anything! He finally manages to kill a big chibi dragon, and get that treasure back to the king.
He's a little guy capable of big achievements.
Hope you liked that chibi scene! :D


Kaggen responds:

Woah thanks man, I liked the scene very much, thanks for a such ambitious little story :> And thanks for the pointers will try it in my next song that i´m working on !