Reviews for "TSUNAMI lev. 1"

Where's The Sequel??

This level was the best. The sooner u bring out the sequel the better. Also is there a set date 4 level 2??. Brilliant job man well done.

Wonderful. Cant wait for next lvl!

I really liked the game. its fun. but it occured to me it seems you arent making the second lvl. You even need to complete your local evil cuz it ends with a to be continued. Im looking forward to seeing more of your work!


this is a great game

i cant wait for the next level

Nice one

The game play was really good...And the way you could interact with the other people was good to...Could do with some more weapons, but apart from that its a wicked game (cant wait for the second level).....

this game is tits. loved it

the game and story line is good and can't wait for level 2 to come out. could've been longer but it was still good.