Reviews for "Peace - Dj Sonik"

beautiful rhythms & melodies....

chord progression is nice.
drums overall were amazing, something you are EXTREMELY proficient in nick ;]
except i dont really like that you used the same bass drum sample throughout majority of the song, i feel that during the trancey parts you shouldve used a softer bass.
the automationg cutoff filters were amazing but maybe slightly overused IMO, but still sounded nice.
great track!!!!
P.S. have you seen my Gamestop commercial that my 8bit song was in?!?!? how fucking cool is that dude!!!!! i got $500 from the deal. ^_^

I don't know if i told you, but i totaly love this

It totally feels like above&B meets Deadmau5....
I could like listen to this for days!
Love you

another great song

i know i've done most of your songs tonight
but that's because they're so good

DreamEater responds:

you've "done" most my songs?! o.o

~Dj Sonik

It is pretty relaxing.

A very good steady mix, nice and smooth not scratchy at any point.
I found it pretty good to listen to while doing other things, made it easier to work.


i give this a 10 this is really good

DreamEater responds:

haha thank you very much for your support and review!

~Dj Sonik