Reviews for "Peace - Dj Sonik"


The name says it all man. Very peaceful sounds with a good rhythm.

Great Job.

I Just posted my 1st song for the new year and id like to see what you think of it. Check it out some time.


DreamEater responds:

Thanks Zero, always good to hear from you man. =D

i'm glad to hear that you're still writing as well, and i can't wait to hear what your new track sound like.


beautiful rhythms & melodies....

chord progression is nice.
drums overall were amazing, something you are EXTREMELY proficient in nick ;]
except i dont really like that you used the same bass drum sample throughout majority of the song, i feel that during the trancey parts you shouldve used a softer bass.
the automationg cutoff filters were amazing but maybe slightly overused IMO, but still sounded nice.
great track!!!!
P.S. have you seen my Gamestop commercial that my 8bit song was in?!?!? how fucking cool is that dude!!!!! i got $500 from the deal. ^_^


Indeed peaceful yet rhytmic melody. I must say I kinda like it