Reviews for "Peace - Dj Sonik"


where have i been for the last three and a half minutes? oh...duh that's why they call it trance music. cool song.

DreamEater responds:

dude... yes <3

~Dj Sonik

i,m surpriced

this music let me feel "i want to go to the moon" 5/5 10/10

It is pretty relaxing.

A very good steady mix, nice and smooth not scratchy at any point.
I found it pretty good to listen to while doing other things, made it easier to work.

peace toooo

this track is so relaxing specially while i chill near the beachside ehehe streaming your track via wifi hehehe great job! keep it up!!

DreamEater responds:

Ahh the best of atmospheres <3 amazing...
thanks so much ^^;
im glad you dig my mix.
and I really Appreciate the review.

~Dj Sonik

Amazing :D

Awesome song, like all of yours. I realy like the beat and i couldn't stop listen.
Keep up the good job!


DreamEater responds:

thank you so very much <3

i hope you continue to listen in and enjoy.
~Dj Sonik