Reviews for "Gladiator"

Nicely done!

The graphics, gameplay, and orginality were all very well done! Great job! I really appreciate the work that went into this. Everything looks great, except that the action keys trigger a bit slow for me. I hit a key, a few moments later, the sword actually swings. Other than that, great job, hope to see more!



This game was quite fun to play in my opinion. The graphics were excellent. The only thing i would change would be not allowing the knight to attack while he has his shield raised. This would make the game much more challenging.

fun as crap

challenging and fun keep it up i enjoyed every bit of it


nice game, not the best, but nice.try adding a super mode or allies.

Good game overall.

You should make it so it displays your score when you die. I never know what my score was unless i keep checking it in which case I die while im looking at my score.