Reviews for "Gladiator"


That was just sweet. I´m second best! Love this game. It´s in my favs now.


That owned man! but it was hard until i saw the "cheat" you have to take up your sheild then attack then you are almost unavible to be hit by anything...but anyways good work keep up!

This PWNT!

I loved it, good job Puzz! LMAO at all those noobs who think it sucks, they just suck at it, I bet they go all emo because they can't defeat the first warrior!

roffel at you noobs!

Very good game!

And Sir_Rohan, you just don't play well, because i found the slash and the stab very useful. You don't have to turn around to hit people with the slash. And never in the game did my block be broken. Also, next time you review, put some grammer into it. Anyways, this game is very addicting and fun. I would play it for hours!

this game is is the best

i like this game alot it reminds me of oblivion the ony best game ever and thats why i like this one alot