Reviews for "Gladiator"

Needs an improvment-- no, a complete overhaul.

You can't rest from the fight and stay in a safe place; it's just continuous fighting.
Can I not buy new armor and weapons?
The graphics need improvement.
Plot, please!
I don't even know my character..
Like Mowgomorgan said, add character customization. I want to be the one to decide what my character looks like. The game's main character is just another guy with a sword and shield.
Oh yeah, don't EVER use bird's eye view for an action game. It just spoils the fun.
Not to mention, there's only one arena; you should make more.

EviL, this is the worst one you've made yet.

wtf lol that was crap!

attack doesent work
no audience
no story
no character costimazation
WTH is the point i meen lol!


sorry man but it doesný have sense playing this the ttack is too slow and the controls bug all the time so it need fixing bugs and some changes...
the game graphics are well....


this game sucks. the conrtols are bad.

nice but...

it's too hard to move, the attack is too slow and thier attack stops yours so it's kinda impossible Oo