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Reviews for "-Orr- Larry's Theme"

pretty damn unbelievable man.

I feel like kicking something right now, because of the super-low chance that anyone will pay any attention to this, but oh well. This song, while extremely good, is flawed to my ears. If I could influence you to change this song, I would have you take out the electric guitar, because this song would sound SO EPIC if it was completely orchestral, and it would indeed rival the works of Hans Zimmer, and surpass Alan Silvestri!
Good job though,

Wow just wow.

this is a truly great piece of art
i'd love to hear more great stuff
and see more Larry episodes of course :P


You have great talent, you can be one of most famous composer!!!

This song has one of best melody I have ever heard. It is as good as Hans Zimmer´s songs!

I even can´t describe how great is it.

great job

its a epic theme for a video game

Very good.

The main rhythm reminds me of Battlefield 1942's theme. The instrument samples are of utmost quality and the chord progression isn't bad either. And is that a choir I hear? Also, the doubling of the violins with the electric guitar gives the lead extra oomph and the countermelody of the brass with the rest of the orchestra is well thought out. Awesomely put together and implemented. Overall very nice composition.