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Reviews for "-Orr- Larry's Theme"

Sounds like Sonny!

The way you made this makes it sound sort of like a mix between Heroic Confrontation and Outnumbered!

There's something else in there I can't quite pin down though...

DavidOrr responds:

I think what you're hearing is the bounce of the music from Sonny, but also that serious underlying feeling.

The orchestration is very thick in this, and it was hard to get the guitar to cut through the orchestra. It gives the whole piece a huge amount of body, which makes for a really interesting sound when combined with the bounce of the percussion and the short, articulated strings.

Thanks for the review!

Love it :P

Awesome.. just awesome :P just love the bells in the background :P

DavidOrr responds:




Very Good

Its good adventure music, and it sounds like REAL ADVENTURE. It's too good to be written about.....

Very nice music

I wasn't the biggest fan of the Larry flash, but this was very good music. It has a wonderful collection of ringing churchbells or some kind of instruments like that. I believe I could vaguely hear some voices, which added to it's authenticness. I felt that this gave off a good feeling of triumphantness and the beginning of a journey which is what it was used for. I am of course a big fan of JAZZA and it's nice to see stuff he has used, even if it wasn't made by him. This was quite impressive and I hope you continue to be successful in the future.

DavidOrr responds:

Thank you for your kind words- glad you enjoyed it!