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Reviews for "-Orr- Larry's Theme"


why dont you make a game /:]

Another great peice.

Honestly, I don't know how you're not a bigger name. This was great, but I expected nothing less. You should really do longer pieces, though. I bought the extended version of Heroic Conflict as soon as it was available. One of the best dollars I ever spent. Keep it up, man.

To Jazza: Love the series, can't wait to see more.

DavidOrr responds:

I was really reluctant to put make the store on my site because I didn't want to disappoint people with the things they've purchased. So far I've gotten nothing but positive responses- Thanks so much for your support!!


why is it larrys theme. it sonds alot like that song from the game sonny created by armor games im little confused?

DavidOrr responds:

Ive put most of the pieces from Sonny 1 and 2 on my Newgrounds account, I'd greatly appreciate it f you listen to them and tell me which one this sounds like! Thanks for your review :)


yea part of it does sound VERY similar to the main beat used in all the battlefield themes lol, but I defiantly like the loop, very good :) (and heres a link to a youtube video of the battlefield 2142 intro so you can hear the theme music :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk4wEA O07hM )

DavidOrr responds:

Wow what an intense video! Thanks so much for sending me the link :). These are actually quite a bit different. Very similar style of course, but quite different melodies and arrangement. A few years back I wrote a piece and a friend told me it was almost the exact same melody as a piece on Metallica's S&M. He showed me that and I was pretty shocked (I don't listen to much Metallica, so the chance of me hearing it before I wrote it was pretty slim).

The problem with a lot of pop music like this is that the progressions and styles are so powerful and similar. It can get very easy to start hearing (and writing) parts of different pieces without even knowing it. This instance isn't especially similar, but it's something musicians writing for this style constantly need to be aware of.

Thanks for the review!!

Musical Ownage

Once again, your music blows me off.

Just 1 thing, why are most of your epic songs scoring around 3.6-3.9? Do you like deliberately vote yourself down to maintain that score? Cos such songs definitely don't get such kinds of score. If you did, why did you? o.O

DavidOrr responds:

Haha no I don't vote my music down, other people do. Ever since I got exposure from the Castle Crashers game people go through my music every day and zero it for whatever reason. Ahh well!

Thanks for the review!