Reviews for "Shroom of the dead"


that was probably the best thing ive seen in the portal today.

I have one suggestion though. Please use better spelling next time.

LOL at the dancing banana

That was awesome,can't wait for the second part and if it's out...where can I find it?


LOLOLZ!!! he hit the box and a gun came out! yay! i wish that would happen in the games for realzzz!

I liked it.

My favorite part was the banana. Can't wait to see the next part.

Great sprite movie

Graphics: I had to give you a 1, because to be honest, you really didn't do much other than the gun.

Style: I don't really like sprite movies, and the idea of mario with a gun has kinda been done before.

Sound: Good, I liked the sound. I also like the fact that you didn't try to do voice-overs like some sprite movies do.

Violence: Great, I like the basic idea for the mushrooms and stuff. Also, it was pretty fast paced.

Humor: Pretty damn funny. I laughed when the gun came out of the block, and when the banana came out.

Overall: Fantastic, I usually ignore sprite movies, with the exception of this, and a few others. I really like the humor, and the violence. This could shape up to be a really good series. I'll definately be waiting for the next one.