Reviews for "Shroom of the dead"

Nice Job

a pretty cool flash. yeah i agree w/ TheLimpOne, the ping and text dialoge did bring the movie down. other then that almost everything was great. cant wait for the next 1.

Pretty cool.

This is one of the few cartoons where I would like to see the rest of the story... kind of a cute cliffhanger, although it REALLY wanted me to know just a LITTLE more... although, that's what a cliffhanger is all about.

In anycase, I found the whole story interesting, the graphics were pretty good, and the humor wasn't bad, although I think voice-acting would be a bit better over the "Coin Ching+Text"... but it's not necessary, it's the story I find most attractive.

Not too bad

I think you have a prty good idea going, your using sprites which kind of lowers your style a bit, but you have a great idea going. I personally thought that the coin noise for every comment was a bit repetative.

Pretty good

You should really look back at alot of the spelling and try to fix it...doesn't look to good when you use text for their speech and have spelling errors.

lol. nice. make second.NOW!

funny. but. lol funniest part was where is every buddy. lol. u can animate but hmm not so sure bout spelling