Reviews for "Shroom of the dead"


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Mario & Luigi with guns ^_^

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I like this tale you thought of it is cool. Shroom Zombies.
I going to see the next part.
Make more soon!! Also good work.

((Ultimate Dinosaur of the Shadows))

one question just

the movie rocked...but wen the nex one gonna be?

HyperDoom responds:

Its almost done :)

To be continued?

It was acually pretty good, i liked it when they hid in the bushes and ran. It was getting good and then it said "TO be continued" and im like WTF? screw you!!..i reallly hate 2bcnt!ny00d crap. it reminded me of dawn of the dead.

HyperDoom responds:

dont look at me, look at newgrounds file size limet :/

Ok this has been way overrated

The speed is probably at 12 FPS right? 5th place? A higher score than SMB: All Aboard?

You guys went a little overboard here. This is a good movie, this should not have an awayrd and should be at 3.54-51 area. I know most of you like it, but this guy gets more recoginition than he deserves no offence. I have a problem when it somes to a lower score, but this deserves to be lower. This guy is the luckiest fucking user ever. This movie got a better score than when a Blordow movie gets protected.

I can't help to say it's a good movie though I give you that. Just a little advice, Fix the spelling errors (What the hell no one gave a shit?) and speed up on your FPS, should be around 20-24. You should have given them a little bit longer before Mario just got the knowledge faster than a child prodigy. In a sprite movie, it's better to make your own gun than to use a picture of one. I did like the way you had the zombies and the leaves around, some just waliking in the background, gave a good feel to it. I DID like how he knew it was a movie, it's good to me, just don't overstrech the joke in the second part if you plan to mention that again.

Definatley an improvement, Good job, you earn a three from me. Even though it lowers the score... ouch

HyperDoom responds:

its was 16 fps smart guy, 20 will make it look way to fast, and I work my ass off on this movie and you have no right to say that it deserves a lower score :(

Very Nice

Very nice though the zombies seemed Awful Fast