Reviews for "Shroom of the dead"

That woz...

FRIGGIN AWESOME! dude make shroom of the dead 2 (not the continued part)

SWEET! That was awesome.

What?! To be continued! NOOOOOOOOOOO!


I thought this movie was awsome! I am a big zombie movie fan. You had a cool idea, plus this movie was better than all the other Mario zombie movies. I didn't like the fact that the "Toad Zombies" moved fast. Plus i was dissapointed with the ending, I wanted more! This movie would have gotten a 10 if the zombies didn't move fast and the ending.......other than that, AWSOME!


Finally, a movie with Mario and zombies that dosen't suck! I'm looking forward to the second movie!

Zombies in the Mushroom Kingdom! Hilarity!

I really enjoyed this one. The thought of zombies overrunning the 'Shroom Kingdom appealed to me to begin with, and Mario and Luigi acquiring firearms from the question mark blocks was just gold. I also enjoyed the dancing banana cameo. It's Peanut Butter Jelly time!

The only reason I didn't give this a 10 overall was the grammar. Still, I really enjoyed this one. Excellent work.