Reviews for "G-9"

Hmm i smell a rat

I have an overwhelming feeling that you took a dancing person. and frame by frame traced that fucker and stuck it into a flash doco and called it animation.

anyway...i think iwas on the verge of an epileptic fit when i closed the window early... watch out for that... you could get into trouble.

Great Job!

That was the best dance movie I have ever seen (I am very proud of you)!


as good as it was...animation-wise, i still found it a little boring...still pretty good tho. I like the Sam Adams pose..


I am in awe, that was an amazingly good flash, at times I actually thought that was a real person, very nicely animated, also thanks for including the song title, I knew it was sonic. Make more.

Oh My God!!

This Is The Best Flash Ive Seen Since The Ultimate Battle. This Is So Awesome!! Please Make Another. 10/10 5/5