Reviews for "G-9"

i gotta agree with dead4

its easy to tell when you traced and when you actually did something, because everything you did yourself is... simple. I bet i could make this flash if i really felt like tracing that much :P. bottom line, this flash is great! (for impressing the average no-flash-skills viewer)

oh you crazy raver kids

pretty good,

Wheres the iPod?

I liked it, but I thought that the strobe was a little much at times.


I loved this flash. No joke, its one of the best I've seen in a while. The graphics were great and tied in excelently with the music. I'm extremely impressed. Please keep up the good work.

what a music clip

that was out of this world dude well done i liked it alot infact more than alot it is now one of my favourite flash animation once again well done old chap!