Reviews for "G-9"

Hey wtf...

I have no idea what this about but for sum reason i like it... good work i suppose and thanks for confusing the hell out of me


From my point of view it looks like you rotoscoped yourself or somebody else groovin' That's what I want to do in some of my animations is rotoscoping. But I'll have to wait until I get a video camera. Actually I think that cartoon show "Delta State" uses rotoscope techniques too, just at a higher standard. Keep up the good work. Very artistic.

Pretty good.

I don't see much skill in this, but it's cool. Kinda like PhotoShop, you don't need skill to make something cool. You may have stumbled upon a new type of flash movie also...'Rave Flash'...I may try that out too.


just a bunch of traced images

dear Aesof_Darcan this guy has a high score for a bunch of traced images you stupid fag were other people have worked alot harder than this guy and have lower scores. just shows what an idiotic gay lord you are

this isnt FBF

I liked it

Even though it DOES look like a bunch of traced images...the fact of the matter is that all these people flaming you have no room to talk. I mean, where's THEIR high scored movie?
I wouldn't have come up with the idea, and obviously neither did they.

Ignore them, you have talent. Kudos