Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #5"

i knew it would make its way out of the portal!

since the movie is great (but short) it would obviously make the way out. Nice job! Style got 8 because it was pretty short.

Toooo Short, Still Funny

That was funny, even though it was still short.

"Hell Yea he wants PB n' J!"

short and sweet

its still a good short even if it go for very long and how was the last joke "wierd" but watch TN and this short

I found something trippy :S

OK, if you wanna go on a trip, after the intro and the guy says "Hey Chris", rightclick and it play, then when it loops, you'll get an echo, but it's played out normally making a trippy effect :S

Oh, and i have a sandwich maker too! :D

Nice short :)

Good use of underanimating :D


The guy who posted that the mirror wasn't nesseary is dumb. Um..there was no mirror..it was a painting of the guy..I dont think they are that dumb to forget that the other guy was there.