Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #5"

Lovein it!

YES! I love Tomorrows Nobody Cartoons! It give me great honour to vote on one during judgement and be one of the first to review it! At my 18th party when most ppl had gone home and we were drunk we sat and watched TN3, man it is so much funny while wasted. "Yeah fuck that kid!"

Keep it up!

not bad

i don't give a 0 so that why that one for violence but hey it's not bad

yes vary funny short thow a littel mean

dam dude all lucky 2 have soem nice girl let him use her xbox and make food and his friend calls her a bitch wth lol pretty good wouldent mind seeeing a long one :) umm movie that is with thses guy's in it ok

You've done it again.

Stupid? Yes
Dumb? Yes
Random? Oh hell yes.
But funny? Damn right.


funny, i love david!!!!!!! bitch!