Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #5"


To short..but it was verry funny! :) And all you people saying "OMG SEXIST!! PHHHHBBBBPPPHHHBBB BAN DEM" you need to look up the word "Joke" in the dictionary...geez

It rawked.

Being offensive automatically equals comedic gold.

(Look below)

Wonderful. It had very nice graphics, vbery original style, Good voiceovers, no violence, a bit of interactivity, Very humourous. You earned a 10 buddy. >:3


Simple, yet hilarious. That was funny but you shoulda put a little more in it.

I need me a Sammich Maker.

Men after my own heart. Great job, guys. These freakin shorts are ever-so-hilarious, even though they remain unclaimed.

(Get it? Because they're "Nobodies Shorts"? Unclaimed?... k. I know I'm not funny. Leave me alone.)

You guys rule. :D