Reviews for "On Your Day Off (NG Cut)"


awesome man


This is top notch quality! The lead synth you use has such a rich, full sound..it's fking epic!

I don't like it. I LOVE it!

The chord progression is really good, and I understand why it took you a long time to make. The intro was really amazing with the bass building up. There was not even ONE place, that wasn't intersting. I loved every part in it, and I'll give you thumps up for your work this time.

Chicago is a very cool town (you live there, right?). I've been there before, and I really liked it. Not weird that the music from there is awesome too.

Amazing work, it's good to have guys like you here on newgrounds, to improve the average.




i really like this

Dude I love your Music X]

Awesome Beats each one is better than the last X] keep up the good Work dude!