Reviews for "On Your Day Off (NG Cut)"


This reminds me of something from katamari... and i've only played the demo.

Awesome beat.

Holy Shit.

This is gorgeous. Calm and progressive.
Listening is like falling slowly through a... I don't know. Something melty and smooth.
Your music gives me an eargasm. Nice work. Hope to hear more from you in the future. 5/5. 10/10. Favorited.

I'm not gonna lie...

During the entire 5 minutes and 47 seconds of this song, I was in a full blown trance. It was like being transporting into a magical forest utopia or something along those lines....

However, I do wish that there was a little more chord progression though. Those 4 chords got mildly repetitive around 3 and a half minutes through the song.

All in all, this song is amazing. It is definitely beyond the typical "Newgrounds music". You gotta put this song into some contests or something! You would win hands down!

Woah really fits the title :D

Amazing work man, really liked the screamy lead/ bg pad that came in at 1;35 or so ^^ Great work man, I will be looking forward to listening to this on my few days off :D Thanks for making my day dude !


Seriously, this is pro made. You should release a cd, or try to promote your music on radio. I would think you'd be huge in Amsterdam :) Keep up the good work.


PS: Downloaded all your songs while it's still free ;P