Reviews for "On Your Day Off (NG Cut)"


Another song :D

Wow, just as all your other songs, I love this!

Oh my god OB you are a genius :D

You inspire me so much every day! Once you make alot of songs i'm going to make a huge playlist of your songs and I am going to make a huge soundtrack and listen to it every day :D

You are so awesome! Please, never quit making music, this is your thing!



P.S. I have every one of your songs downloaded so far :D


very nice

good stuff

i some of your other tracks ive downloaded, and i find myself listening to them more often than others.

I don't like it. I LOVE it!

The chord progression is really good, and I understand why it took you a long time to make. The intro was really amazing with the bass building up. There was not even ONE place, that wasn't intersting. I loved every part in it, and I'll give you thumps up for your work this time.

Chicago is a very cool town (you live there, right?). I've been there before, and I really liked it. Not weird that the music from there is awesome too.

Amazing work, it's good to have guys like you here on newgrounds, to improve the average.



good work!

Very nice, calm,
just lovely ...
Sweet to my ears. Currently one of my favorite house tracks! Good job!
Reason is so powerful :)