Reviews for "Mr. Apocalypse"


Wouldn't wanna meet this guy in a dark alleyway. Damn this is soo sick. Love the graininess that kinda fades to the top....and basically everything else haha. Not much criticism here so all I have to say is GREAT JOB!

nicely done

reminds me alot of Psycho Mantis from MGS2

Now theirs a dude...

who's prepared for the mutha' fucking apocalypse! Beautiful drawing, man!

Just a suggestion...

I think a torn-up business suit would be appropriate for the atmosphere of the piece. Just my vision of a post-apocalyptic setting.

4.82 / 5.00 (+ 0.011)

that looks sick, you should try drawing the dudes from killzone, well at least that's wud I'd wanna see lmao. anyway good job
Keep it pimpin'
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