Reviews for "Yuta: Level One"


glitchy glitchy glitchy......

TaroNuke responds:

Yeah fuck u

well it wasn't the finest graphics and story i've

ever heard and seen but it was great none the less and it was very much new and creative so i like it

TaroNuke responds:

Thanks, I'll work on the graphics

Pretty good.

Nice work.

ye ill give it a decent score here but..

i dont think this game will make it... sry.. instead of just submiting one level after another and se them all geting blamed you should give it some more time and do the whole game at the same time with alot of levels and i bet it would make frontpage, you got skills. but sometimes it feels like you didnt put all your efort in it, and you need to fix the sound, when you die it keeps looping on the main menu when you press replay, fix that plz. ye annd one more thing, make some extra lifes, that would make it beter if you folow my advise and try to make frontpage, oaky?

TaroNuke responds:

Dude, did you even complete it?
If I tried to make lots of levels that would have one hel of a filesize.

go to hell

GREAT idea

TaroNuke responds: