Reviews for "Yuta: Level One"


First, i hav to say..... its excellent!!!!!!!!! and its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uv improved man!
secondly, u made me famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and thank youuu!!!!!!!!!


TaroNuke responds:

Woot! Go Yuta!

smashing good old bean

a tad difficult but nothing a gentlemen cannot handdle, tallio

Alan dude

Maybe some people thought our other animations (i say our because i done the voices) but somewhere along the lines you randomly improved. Maybe moving houses was a good omen ;-D

TaroNuke responds:

Go Mr. Mushroom!

Awesome... i think!

Not bad Alan. The action scripting and graphics were pretty good. However, I think the animation at the beginning may need a bit more work. And who gave you permission to steal my line... oh wait... I did! Or did I? I don't remember - but anyhow it's a good game!


Plz e-mail me the script, cos i cant get walls + ceilings 2 work...