Reviews for "Yuta: Level One"

Pretty good.

Nice work.

Very... Zen

This flash had a nice soundtrack. Your graphics weren't good, but I liked that. They were stylish, I really wouldn't wanna see them any other way. The text was always very witty and it was overall a great great game. I just started flash and have been trying to make a platformer and have been having trouble and I noticed that you took a basic platform format and made something great out of it. And if it's not too much of a bother, where'd you learn AS?

TaroNuke responds:

Thanks Dude!
The download public FLA file for my game can be found at my site: http://www.users.cjb.net/nuke-bros/physictest2.fla

Alan dude

Maybe some people thought our other animations (i say our because i done the voices) but somewhere along the lines you randomly improved. Maybe moving houses was a good omen ;-D

TaroNuke responds:

Go Mr. Mushroom!


good game... I liked how when he got electrified there was a short animation showing him being electrified!!! : )

TaroNuke responds:

Thanx, man


good but you're story line is bleak

all in all it's a good game

TaroNuke responds:

Yeah I know