Reviews for "James Bond Surface Part 1"


for a second there i thought it was going to be a game but a first its just a regular home movie that was origanal and cool i hope it gets through the portal (lol keep the camera steady)

X-Aldin responds:


Im glad you though it was original, because really thats what we were partly going for! And it did get through the portal just incase you dont see it!



Part 3, loved it just like the others. The house episodes were the best, but i still loved this one. Keep them coming

P.S- its nice to see some creativity in flashes, so if u post a bad comment about this series of great movies u can go F*** yousrself and make ur own dam movie because u obviously think ur better.

X-Aldin responds:

Thanks a lot man, thanks for standing up for the series!! By the house episodes, do you mean the ones from the House misson, or the most recent one before this? Anywho...

Good effort

nice to see you made a new one. i like the improvements such as the aimer and the red screen when you get shot. keep up the innovation.

X-Aldin responds:

Thanks alot Xpite, the innovation as you call it will certainly continue!


nice location you are on of my favorite authors.nice aimer to...well i cant think of anything else so bye!

X-Aldin responds:

Thanks for putting X_Aldin as your favourite authors, we really appreciate this kind of thing from our fans!

it was good

not as good as the other 2, but still good. i think it was too short

X-Aldin responds:

Well thanks, yeah this was a kind of short one because of random filesize issues, we had to split up the video to make it fit.