Reviews for "Adventure Hunter X"


That was hillarius. X burbing in Zero's' ear lol. For the love of all that is funny make a part 2. Keep up the good work MaronX.


Hahahahahahahahahahahhaaa!!!! This was sooooo funny.. xD

wow, this fuckin ownzd

the little demon who told u to make this was right, this shit is so fuckin funny, i couldnt stop laughin and watching it over and over again. u desearve a frickin oscar for this thing, this was A.enjoyably crude and B.storyline like breakdown laughing funny, dude, if i could vote 20, ud get em all ovr


hehe,this is so funny,keep up the good work dude!


I liked the part when zero said " RUN YOU FOOL ! RUNN! " Good stuff man , good Stuff. 10 stars and 5/5 . One more thing..... When should we expect the next one ?