Reviews for "Adventure Hunter X"

no, not the beer!

How cruel to steal someone's beer. :( Who on earth or someplace else would do that? Still, the movie was damn funny. But could u add sound or at least do it the next time? Only short movies can be without sound, and yours ain't short. Don't worry about your grammar, it's fine.

MaranX responds:

ekhm...check your speakers or something...


I usually just don't find these sprite animations worth the time it takes to watch one.
This one was different. It had a STORY instead of nonstop fighting.
It had humor,not the greatest but it was there.
So it's worth a look and I hope it makes it through.


Until now, I found one problem
-When sigma came back from the portal, the words of the box cant be read


Very cool keep it up!

Movie Feel Rude

X Is Pretty Rude In Here... With Expection He Shooting Sigma Make It Funny