Reviews for "Adventure Hunter X"


Sir, I'm from the Ngpd, I;m here to mak sure your movie gets through the portal ok. You will be prottected by our police lieutenants. Once we make sure you are safe, we will look to your claims of this "Stolen Beer".


gonna watch all your things!

veryy funny

Good idea but if only it finish, I hope MaranX make next part of this movie

A very funny and yet weird Megaman movie.

Man I thought that X was a nice guy but I guess I was wrong. I didn't know that Zero was such a neat freak. I was glad when X blew up that door it took forever to open. And just because X is the main character, that doesn't mean he should be a jerk. But why doesn't Zero just kill X if he thinks that he's such a big jerk? Zero's stronger than X so he can kill him. I'm gonna see the sequel, if I can find it.

not bad

you could do better when i see your sonic VS vegeta it was good so it was not so bad good job