Reviews for "Adventure Hunter X"

Good work

This is probably the first Megaman movie that's better than good, the whole thing overall was eye candy and there were very nice music choices for the various scenes. I don't drink beer so I don't really understand what's going on in Megaman's mind, but from this movie, I'll guess he ain't sober.

Good job!

Nice movie I like, I like it alot, very funny. Sprites were nice manipulated, for your second flash, very good job.

I heard you have Zero's Theme from Mega Man X 2 for your Intromusic...well, I have a metalized version of it on my Audiopage, if you want it for your future projects feel free to use it, it kicks ass! :)

And if you need some high quality Mega Man fx for your Mega Man flashes, just contact me, you will not regret it. ;)

5/5 from me.


This is a nice flash but I hate when people leave reviews like "Zero can own X." That isnt the point of the flash dont use that against the creator if he worked hard on it. I have been reading that and dont undermine the creator because of your own biased opinion. Anyway nice flash keep it up you have potential.


good job, keep up the good work


gonna watch all your things!