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Reviews for "Wade Defender"

This game is legit

I played shooting games before but this was awesome, protecting Wade Fulp from piece of junk flashes, spam, Star Syndicate, and clocks, but I already went past level 10 and I lost at 11. Heh. At least I tried my best. No I don't stink at this, I just gotta keep trying until I beat the game. I'm determined. And allow me to compliment you/your work: "Your game rocks, and so do you." Thus, this game reminds me of the game "Asteroids" (I think it's "Asteroids"). Since in this game you gotta protect Wade Fulp, I'm giving you all 5's for this. Excellent job, man.

Casualty responds:

lol! Thanks!


It seems I've discovered new reflexes playing this game!

Also, great background music.

Casualty responds:

Thanks for the review dude!

What fun and joy I had!

good music dude and funny baddies only a little too easy with the Bednblast and the sword, it was fun though. i got to lv.16, how many is there? (best part = killing yen)

Casualty responds:

wel, there is no limit to the stages, so go get lvl 1000000!

This be the shit man

Awesome game, especially with Wade in it.

Casualty responds:

Yeah, Wade really owns!

Simply, Genius.

Make some more.