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Reviews for "Wade Defender"


lol the bednblast so funny ... i recommend tthat lvl 20 then buy alot of it then start of turn keeep on pressing useing it and the whole round play until the last lvl can last until 100 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casualty responds:



(Lol... what weapon did YOU have on lvl 15? "The lvl 30 weapon" ...huh?)

Tis an ok game, kinda like one of em old crappy games just upgraded... with upgrades... ^^; though there are still a couple of bugs... "eg: sometimes things appear on the screen and then just dissapear" also you cant double shoot things, like, shoot and kill one thing and then a second "round" shoots a thing behind it... which kinda sucks...

but it's a good game non the less ^^

Casualty responds:

I know about the gay bugs, too lazy to fix. Thanks for reviewing!!

10 of 10 man I like it

I like this game very clever idea i got a bit messed up with star guys but still very good!

A new fan,

Casualty responds:

lol thanks man

So Great

Yeah very good game and very suitable music, what's the name?
Everything is so perfect, very very perfect. Who's the guy that Wade pointing at? Tom Fulp? I don't know, too fast.

Casualty responds:

The song is named Hatebreeder. It's by Children of Bodom.

Also, Wade points at umh... nothing.. uh.. or everything.

Thanks for the review!

awesome game

awesome game, man! i dont care if its not original, its awesome!