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Reviews for "Wade Defender"

pretty good

i've rated most of th games on this website and this is one ofhe best . The graphics could have been better but very very very good game overall. 7/10.

Casualty responds:



Graphics- They were pretty good u could see the pixels but doesnt change that flash was good.

Style- I had a good time playing it for a while,although it needed more upgrades, good time waster =D.

Sound- Pretty good music, good clerity.

Violence- Shooting stuff with laser, not very bloody, not my kinda game but doesnt effect review score much for me.

Interactivity- You shoulda been able to move around but that dont matter much even on games u can move around in like this noone does, ur farthest away in the middle...

Humor- (agreeing with other reviewer) Whats funnier then shooting spam =D.

Overall-9- It was a fun game pretty good set up, pretty smooth, funny, shooting, o.k. graphics. good music, overall it was a pretty good game+good for passing minutes.

Casualty responds:

good review thanks!


Not bad, simple consept, poor graphics, but somehow it made me play it more then 10 minutes so it is alright in my book. Gets pretty much the same after lvl 15

Casualty responds:

you are a fag

wade is cool!

The star syndicate is a mockhead COOL GAME WADE OWNS lol!!!!!!!!

Casualty responds:


nice idea...but the game was too easy

make the game harder and ill give yu a 9 out of 10 and a 5 out of 5 =)

Casualty responds:

*_* (c) Sarai