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Reviews for "When Robots Attack"

I am Awesomo!

Continuing the legacy of the vertically continuous image, this audio-visual union of forces packs one heck of a comedic punch. I loved the Invincitron & the TrundleBorg, the escape-doom cycle, the tech-puns on the gravestones, and the apocalyptic T2 reference. It seems like the teeter-totter has joined the cabbage patch in the ranks of assorted TmsT ubiquity. I can't figure out how you crank movies out so quickly, but keep on makin' 'em, 'cause we can't stop watchin' 'em!

P.S. Nobody in THIS hemisphere calls traffic lights "robots".

TmsT responds:

Teeter-Totters: 2
Cabbage Patchers: 5



Man when i make a robot army can i get you guys to sing this as the robots kill all man kind =D i loved this

TmsT responds:

Sure! We're Robots too, after all. ^_~

Schweet!!! ^_^

Awesome!!! I like that song, it's one of my favorite. Also, I saw the sign that said "Kiss my shiny metal @$$!!!" That was funny! It was from Futurama when Bender says it all the time. Robot could rule earth in the future. So, we better be careful about what we do when building a robot.
Here's what I think...
Graphics: O_o !!! 10!!!
Style: Awwwwwwwssssssooooommmmeeee!!!!! 11100000!!!
Sound: I like that song! 10!
Violence: 5
Interactivity: 10, 10, 10!!!
Humor: lol! XD! lshmhbu (laughing so hard my head blows up)! 10!
Overall: It's posted on the bottom-right.

Super! Awesome! Robots Rule!!!


The robots will kill us all! :D
Nice movie! I liked the style and I like robots since I can think.
I repeat: Nice movie, nice musik! A good idea was the board on the end where you could see all the robots. Very interesting!

TmsT rules

But I must ask you: Where is the other hidden scene in Fiberglass Monkey, along w/ what is a secrets page and a commentary?

I'm really sorry, but I must know. I even resorted to holding TAB through the movie (I found the IGSFTD joke: now THAT was funny.)

Please! I must know! I love your movies! I'll do anything!

LD rules too.

TmsT responds:

There's something in FBM that doesn't quite belong in a certain scene. Once you find it, pause the animation (top right) and click the thing that seems out-of-place. ;)