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Reviews for "2nd Storm(Newgrounds cut)"

Hey nice work!

Now here's something you don't see on Newgrounds every day. REAL music. Excellent detail, excellent riff, excellent drums, excellent flow, excellent everything.

You, my friend, have earned the weekly #1 spot. And a new fan. Oh, feel free to check out my song, it made weekly #3.

Congradulations again


EOT responds:

Thank you very much!:D Gonna check'em out now:D XD


Nice Tune I__I

*goin wild*

I wanna dance now :D


This is some good work. I don't see why this is techno, but it does fit into the trance category. Anyways, this is a peaceful song and the mellowness is epic. I'd like to see the 10 min version, only if its more epic than this... In short, very well done.

EOT responds:

This is absolutely trance!:D Not techno:P

vhat zee guy undah me zaid!!!!

zis iz awezome i found it on zeh audio portal and it vhas numbah 1 great job vith zis
hahahaha just kiddin' ya i'm not uhm........ whatever that accent is oh well and like what the guy under me said i also want the full 10 mins for my mp3 thanx!

I love it!!!

I really like the harmonization and the beats!!!! I loveeeeeee this song very very very veryyy much