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Reviews for "2nd Storm(Newgrounds cut)"

You put the T in Trance!

Whoa, this is really great! I've been listening to a lot of trance lately (mainly on afterhours), but this is the stuff! I like it a lot. Shame I can't hear the full song :/

5/5 10/10

Vulpix ^_^

energy energy yeah!!!!!!!!!

this is so great it's got a great tempo and the beat and tune is great to the intro was a bit repeating for my taste but it didn't last long which was a relief for me but all out of all it's great


P.S i can feel the power!!!!! lol great energy

Very good!

I disagree with TerraNation. His review looks like he wrote it while he was drunk or something. Doesn't need sidechaining done to it, it's fine as it is. Very professional! Also it doesn't matter what samples you use, as long as it sounds like it fits in, anyone who knows nothing about FL studio wouldn't even notice it. Even people who do use it don't mind it (E.I. Me)

I say if you use FL strings, and it fits right into your song, go for it. Who the crap cares if the instruments been heard before? It's like if some random dude criticized Eric Claptons songs because they all had Acoustic Guitar in it. What gives? It's music, listen to it and enjoy it.

Pads were super sexy, melody was epic, build up was epic, overall tune was epic. Nuff said.......

EOT responds:

heheXD I agree with you and I do not really think about the pad/s being old and unappropriated:P Thank you very much:D


its nice

alot of energy, even thought samples something i self used very longtime ago, Fl studio strings pad 1.52 to 3.20 Could need another pad ifeelt was kinda cheap on. Wasent much melodic in this track more backround piano its good, could need some main hook lead, and sidechain work on the pad give it more pumpy feelings. Other then that is very classic work of trance.

IF i where you i would try also try explore the pad abit more, work it out even more ifeel its kinda to simple i would try give it some more variation more epic but other its good..

SO suggestion maybe add sidechain " if you dont know how to make search on youtube alot of touritals how to do it." Make some some stuning melodic to it.

Hey nice work!

Now here's something you don't see on Newgrounds every day. REAL music. Excellent detail, excellent riff, excellent drums, excellent flow, excellent everything.

You, my friend, have earned the weekly #1 spot. And a new fan. Oh, feel free to check out my song, it made weekly #3.

Congradulations again


EOT responds:

Thank you very much!:D Gonna check'em out now:D XD