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Reviews for "2nd Storm(Newgrounds cut)"


This isn't bad.


Nice track you've made.

Nice chords and melody lines, keep up the good work!


Nice Tune I__I

*goin wild*

I wanna dance now :D

I was the turkey all along!

So first of all, great job on making the top of the week list. That is really impressive and you must be so proud of what you have created.

Overall, nice song. The sound is universal, the melody does not get too repetative, and the sound is universal. (In my dictionary that means that you have a song that surrounds the listener and that is a good thing). It is apparent that you worked really hard on this and that is good as a start. However, there are a few things that need some touching up in my opinion.
Upon reflection, there really aren't too many aspects of this song that need some improvement. Only a few minor things, I did like how you used a traditional form of composing to ensure that your music did not become boring and repetative that was nice, However, I have to say that one thing that needs some help is the ending. Endings tie up loose ends for songs, they are the answers and they should usually end depending on the song on a grand note or a soft one. Endings like yours which just spontatneously happen, is not good for any song. Try coming up with something a little different for the end or just add another melody and then finish that melody up with the end. Those are my suggestions for that.
Another thing that bothered me was the lack of tracks that you used to create this song. What you had going was really cool sounding, however, I only heard like two or three instruments or tracks in this case being used. Not saying that you should go overboard, but some backround tracks would improve this song most greatly.
Other than that I can think of not other criticism for this song. Good job and I hope you keep up the great work. Hope to hear more from ya mate. Peace,

P.S yeah sure I will give this a download

EOT responds:

Thank you:) I know, I could use more tracks:P I didn't personally think that the ending was so bad, but hey, your the listener and listeners advice is and will always a big way to the "pro league" XD

You would own the shit out of music industries

This thing owns the shit. If you sold this to DDR or some large techno company hell I'd buy it! Awesome job! We need more good music like this!