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Reviews for "2nd Storm(Newgrounds cut)"


I dont get it, I hate pro music, but I love noob stuff :P

This was pretty nice though, but shouldnt be best of the week, it sounds a bit too quite also sounds like it's missing an instrumental.

EOT responds:

Hehe, I'll have to disagree with you there, but you have free meening's:P;) XD

Oh man....

Come on now... Go and show up all the noobs like me on this site why don't you Xp lol.

This song is just EPIC! like... I could totally see myself going out and buying a CD with this one it, not gunna lie.

Do you have a record label already? or are you just so nice you let everyone listen to your stuff free no matter how epic it is?

Great song man!

EOT responds:

Hehe, thanx man:) No, i don't have any record label... , yet:P I'm just letting everyone listen to my stuff:D hehe Maybe in the future I'll get one, but for now, all of the world can listen to my awesomeness, hahaha XDXDXD


darn u, if only i knew how to do good stuff like this, mines horrible compared to ur music

Sounds the same as your last one.

But still great! This is my kind of trance. :)


a weekly top 5 position