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Reviews for "2nd Storm(Newgrounds cut)"

That's really great!)

No words,only emotions)

nice song !

i very like the beggining sound.. it sound very nice to my ear! ! with wicht program
do you work? sorry for my bad english .. well this song is amazing!

EOT responds:

Im using Fl, np. XD Thanks

Very Nice!

I loved it. I think you did a great job!

Let's be honest here.

This song is.. Well, for lack of a better word, good. It's got a nice upbeat overtone to it, persistent beat, great tune, the works. At first I was going to complain that the slowdown portion of the song about halfway through was flowbreaking, but as the song progresses it just helps encourage the rest of the evolution of the song. Excellently put together. My only complaint, if but a small one, is that it does tend to drag on a bit near the start. Apart from that, splendid work. 9/10, 5/5.

vhat zee guy undah me zaid!!!!

zis iz awezome i found it on zeh audio portal and it vhas numbah 1 great job vith zis
hahahaha just kiddin' ya i'm not uhm........ whatever that accent is oh well and like what the guy under me said i also want the full 10 mins for my mp3 thanx!