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Reviews for "2nd Storm(Newgrounds cut)"


I'm sure you know this already, but this is EPIC! Seriously lol. I was just going to click 'Submit Audio' quickly so my ears aren't blasted by whatever is playing as usual, but your song hooked me in. I love the epic build of the intro, and then the ambient section and everything afterward is so euphoric...and then it flows right into your 'Laws of Gravity' on the Newgrounds player lol. Both are excellent, great job! 5/5

Not bad

Someone that is bang on in his review. devasionrecords review is so true. On ng this may be one of the top songs. Leaving NG land, this song would be at the bottom. Same goes for your gravity song. Not being mean. Just stating the facts. No originality in this song or the gravity one.. Your lead instrument in the quiet parts sound so random and not well constructed. I like the pad sounds. I don't vote so it is not me lowering your score!

See yah

EOT responds:

Yeah, I know. When I f.eks like listen to "nitrous oxide", "gouriella" and "flutlich", I'm like, wow! My songs can't even be compared to the pro songs, but somewhere I'll need to start, right?:P


It was nice, great layering, and it had some suprising change. In my opinion thee structure of this song was amazing, and it somehow flowed perfectly. Keep up the good work.


Very nice hardcoreish trance song!

It's not TOO repetitive, and keeps you interested throughout!

Nice job!

(The 9 instead of 10 is only because of my general dislike of the genre :D)

2nd Storm

nice dance mix here- i like the overall feel. you added alot of really strong synth sounds i think could get you a spot in more than just the top5 of newgrounds haha!- keep up the good work and promote your full version, i think that would attract your true fans. the only thing i have a problem with is that it sounds like WAY too much of the generic trance out there that doesn't stand out for anything- that's the only problem if you were to put it up there w/ the main dance music for ratings- for newgrounds i give it a 7, for the general dance community, i give it a 3 cuz its a totally fine track, but it laccks uniqueness which i think with more work would def stand out.


EOT responds:

I can't disagree with anything that you say! :P The problem with the full version is that it is way over 8mb...